Top Five Questions to Know if You are Gluten Intolerant

Dr. Shikhman presented for the Scripps Health Foundation on the connection between the gut and autoimmune diseases. Here are some of the top questions:

  1. Are gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity the same thing?
  2. In general there are two ideas to keep in mind. There is gluten allergy and gluten sensitivity. With a gluten allergy, there is an immediate negative response after consumption; typically in the form of a skin rash or hive. With gluten sensitivity, the response is often delayed. A negative response could happen anywhere from 6-24 hours and it does not necessarily manifest itself in the skin. It could be brain fog, fatigue, stomach pain or bloating.

  3. Can breast feeding mothers pass gluten to their baby?

  4. Yes. Gluten can be detected in breast milk, which can be passed to the baby. This only becomes a problem if the baby is genetically predisposed to gluten intolerance.

  5. Which nationalities are more predisposed to gluten intolerance?
  6. Italians and Irish have the highest penetration of the gene.

  7. I am gluten intolerant, is it important to find out if I have celiac disease?
  8. If you follow a strict gluten free diet, it is not necessary. It is not a requirement, but people with celiac disease are slightly more prone to lymphomas. From this standpoint it would be beneficial to get tested.

  9. How long does it take for gluten to get out of my system?
  10. 3-4 months.

Watch the entire presentation and get answers to other questions here: http://ifsmed.com/ifsmed-in-the-news

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