Questions and Answers on Dietary Supplements

Questions and Answers on Dietary Supplements

Here are your questions and answers on dietary supplements. Every year we get asked questions about our supplements. We’ve rounded up some of the questions from this past year that pertain to our products. Recommendations are from our experience interacting with patients throughout the year. As always, it is best to check with you doctor before starting any health regimen.

1. I am taking Fosamax and wonder if I can take your BoneDense as well?
You cannot take Fosamax and BoneDense together. Fosamax and other biphosphonates are not compatible with a number of supplements targeting osteoporosis such as strontium and drynaria (the main ingredient in BoneDense). Even after stopping the biphosphonate, you need to wait 2 years before taking a supplement for osteoporosis. In order for BoneDense to work effectively on your bones, there needs to be a “wash out” period for your bones to have a break between the biphospohnate and the supplement.

Bovine Immunoglobulins
2. The instructions say it should be taken 20-30 minutes after meals. However, I believe it is always advised to take the equivalent product, colostrum, between meals for more effective absorption. Please could you comment.
20-30 minutes is equivalent to an empty stomach. This makes Bovine Immunoglobulins more resistant to degradation by pancreatic enzymes and gastric low pH.
Is there any merit in taking larger amounts than recommended on the bottle in cases of severe leaky gut?
There are no clinical data showing the benefits of taking over 4000 mg of BI a day.
How long might it take to see results? (I realize it depends on many factors, but just a ball-park idea).
2-3 months.
Do you know the approximate percentage of IgG1, IgG2, IgM and IgA?
Immunoglobulins (Type G1 & G2): min 40.0%
Immumoglobulins (Type A): min. 0.6%
Immunoglobulins (Type M): min. 0.3%
Immunoglobulins (Type D): min. 0.05%
Immunoglobulins (Type E): min. 0.008%

Candidacillin and Leaky Gut Day
3. The description for Candidacillin says it should not be taken with calcium, does this apply to the calcium butyrate in Leaky Gut Day?
With Candidacillin and Leaky Gut Day, you do need to space these 2 products out by at least an hour. The EDTA in Candidacillin can adhere with the calcium and magnesium in the day product and cause crystals.

Licorice Root
4. Is your licorice root deglycyrrhizinated?
Our licorice root is is not deglycyrrhizinated (DGL), but rather just licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra). So it treats both gastrointestinal issues as well as raising blood pressure for people with adrenal issues.

Calcium Lactate
5. What is the best source of calcium?
We prefer calcium lactate as the lactate portion of calcium lactate promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and Calcium lactate is less constipating compared to other calcium salts. We recommend not exceeding 500 mg a day.
Does it matter if a calcium supplement is in pill form or powder/liquid when it comes to absorption?
In general there is not a big difference. Liquid has slightly better absorption.

6. I just ordered Leaky Gut Aid-day, Leaky Gut Aid-night, Leaky Gut Probiotic from your website. I have been taking L-Glutamine and high dosage of Probiotics for the past six weeks to treat my leaky gut. My question is: should I stop taking L-Glutamine when I start to take your products or should I continue to take L-Glutamine as before.
The maximum amount of L-glutamine should not exceed 500mg a day. The night product has 200mg in each capsule, so depending on if you take one or two pills a day of the night, you can either take an additional 100-300mg/day.

7. Triphala
Do you have anything to help with acid reflux?
With acid reflux you have issues with things coming back up, so you need something to help flush things out. Triphala is one of the main Ayurvedic gastrointestinal tonics and motility facilitators which is recommended for use as an intestinal health keeper. It consists of three Indian fruits Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Triphala assists natural internal cleansing, nourishes and rejuvenates the tissues, supports healthy digestion and absorption.

8. What are your capsules made from?
Our capsules are veggie capsules made from purified water and HPMC — Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and is derived from vegetable cellulose. 100% natural, these capsules contain no preservatives, gelatin, wheat, animal by-products or starch.

9. How and when should powdered supplements be taken?
You can take powdered supplements with a beverage of your choice, or mix in a smoothie or applesauce. It is best to take powders on an empty stomach to increase attachment to the intestinal wall.

10. How do the leaky gut products work?
There are two formulas, day and night. Day is a fast acting (sodium butyrate) formula because our gut cycle is more active during the day. Night is slower acting (magnesium and calcium butyrate) for a slower release when we are sleeping. They tighten the gut (controlling intestinal permeability), suppress yeast, and optimizes intestinal motility.

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