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L-Glutamine is a primary energy source for intestinal immune cells and a major amino acid in muscle tissue. The body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of L-Glutamine may be compromised during physiological stress, thus warranting supplementation.


Important Amino Acid and Protective Agent L-Glutamine is the most common free amino acid in the bloodstream. It helps protect the body from high ammonia levels by transporting ammonia (as amino groups) to the kidneys for excretion or to the liver for conversion to urea. L-Glutamine is crucial for the production of genetic molecules (DNA & RNA), protein synthesis, glucose formation, and maintenance of a normal body acid-base (pH) balance.


Helps Maintain Intestinal Health L-Glutamine plays an important role in maintaining healthy gastrointestinal function. It is the principal dietary fuel of the intestinal cells lining the small intestine. It decreases bowel permeability and increases the secretions of bowel immune globulins (IgA).

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