D-Chiro Inositol

gluten free remedies d chiro inositol

D-chiro-inositol is a natural isomer of inositol that plays a key role in mediating cellular sensitivity to insulin. By supporting proper insulin function and regulation of glucose within cells, D-chiro-inositol is a beneficial nutrient for individuals wishing to support healthy glucose levels and protect against the adverse effects of sustained hyperglycemia.


Upon exposure to insulin, this signal transducer yields two bioactive D-chiro-inositol-containing inositol phosphoglycan (IPG) molecules that help regulate the disposal of glucose within cells. D-chiro-inositol-containing IPG activates glycogen synthase, the enzyme that converts glucose to glycogen for storage, and pyruvate dehydrogenase, a key enzyme in the oxidation of glucose for energy.

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